About the Homecare Maternity Centre

Maternity care that offers safety to clients and that is delivered by experienced maternity nurses. That is how we make sure you can enjoy your maternity period according to your own wishes and in your own trusted environment. Your wishes are at the centre of what we do.

All of our actions are based on respect, expertise, focus on the client and on their safety. The Homecare Maternity Centre provides maternity care for everyone, according to the basic and complemental healthcare insurances.

You will appreciate our maternity care because:

  • You, our client, are at the centre: we provide maternity care that matches your situation.
  • We strive to place 1 maternity nurse in your family. In the event of extreme pressure, it may happen that a colleague takes over the care of your maternity nurse, or that your maternity nurse needs to combine two families. This is always communicated with you.
  • The hours of maternity care will be determined and distributed in accordance with your family needs.
  • Our maternity nurses work according to national guidelines.
  • We continuously work to improve the quality of our maternity care and the safety of our clients.
  • You can contact us 24 hours per day.
  • We can assist you when you give birth at the hospital and we can accompany you on your way home.
  • We are specialised in breastfeeding support.
  • We can already support you during your pregnancy.

Where we work

The Homecare Maternity Centre works in the south of the Netherlands. Find maternity care near you.