Looking for good maternity care Tilburg?

Maternity care Homecare in Tilburg is ready for you and your baby. During your pregnancy we will visit you for a personal intake. During this interview you can of course ask all your questions about the maternity period. And then we wait for your phone call that the birth has started. Our maternity experts assists with your home birth and ensures that you can focus completely on the small miracle after delivery.

And then it starts … During the maternity period we will tell you exactly what to think about and pay attention to. Especially if this was your first pregnancy, you will learn a lot of new things during this week. We will show you how to take care of your baby, but we also take care of the mother, father and possibly other family members. We think it is very important that you can always think back to a fine maternity period!

Maternity care Tilburg

Our maternity care in Tilburg can be reached via 013-514 32 93 or by e-mail via info@kraamzorg-homecare.nl. Direct registration for maternity care can also be done online via our website. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Maternity care Homecare operates throughout the southern Netherlands, namely Limburg, Noord-Brabant and Zeeland. You can also use our maternity services in the Antwerp region in Belgium.

This is Kraamzorg Homecare:

  • Assistance with childbirth
  • Care and control of the maternity and the baby
  • Information and instruction
  • Observing, signaling and reporting
  • Guaranteeing hygiene
  • Take care of mother, baby and of the family
  • Household duties directly related to the care for mother and child
  • Help with breastfeeding

Also read the experiences of our maternity care clients, we are very proud of all the beautiful words that clients write about our maternity nurses. We would be pleased to also write down your experience here in a few months!