1. The first thing to do is to contact an obstetrician or your GP.
  2. Registration with the Homecare Maternity Centre is possible via phone during office hours or via our digital registration form. Remember to inform your healthcare insurer when you register with us.

Intake interview

After you have registered, we will call you when you are circa six months pregnant to make an appointment for an intake interview. If you are expecting your first child, the maternity nurse will make an appointment for a home visit. Durig this visit, she will respond to questions about your pregnancy, the birth and the maternity period.

If you are expecting a second or later child, the intake interview will be performed via the phone. You will receive information and you can ask questions. Upon your request, a house visit is also an option.

What to buy

Make sure to have what you will need at your disposal. Find here wich product you can buy.

Via Mediplus you can borrow various aids free of charge.

Other preparations

  • To prepare for your delivery, we recommend that you participate in courses such as pregnancy fitness, yoga, or swimming, and/or a breastfeeding course.
  • Ask your health insurance agency whether you are eligible for a free maternity package.